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0010764: On Core updating I can not know what MP I am updating to
I am working in MP6. Let's say there are two MPs available for download MP7 and MP8. Since in Module Management Console the MP label information is not shown (only version number), on updating I do not know if I am getting MP7 or MP8
-Install MP6
-Go to MMC and check that updates are available. MP7 and MP8 are there, but you download always latest version
-Update Core. Note that you will not know what MP are you updating to until you go to About box after rebuilding
Use module label when communicating to users. It needs to be done as part of "Central Repository" refactoring
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With the new CR says:

core 2.50.17410 (MP18) (current 2.50.17137, needed 2.50.16750) - view details