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0010646Openbravo ERPF. Localizationpublic2009-09-17 15:162011-03-29 12:52
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0010646: Accounting server modularization
i modified the accounting code of openbravo 2.40 ( - - - -
Now i'm trying to put those modifications into my module (italian accounting module). i achived to put into the module the java extension of classes: - - - but the modification of the class (the mother class, it calls the others) still remain into the core.

AcctServer cannot be modularized, isn't it?

The best solution is using a true AD Process for the "Posted" Button and for the Periodic Background server. Another solution is to use naming exeption also for java classes
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2009-09-17 15:26   

The AcctServer has been extended recently [1] [2] and Accruals and Deferrals module [3] is using this capability. Is this the functionality that you are looking for? If not, please detail it more.


[1] Extend existing postings [^]
[2] Add new postings [^]
[3] [^]
2009-09-17 16:59   
Thank you rafa. I'm taking a look to that code. It seems it could be used to add new precesses to accounting server: after the call of createFact you can add code implementing the acctservertemplate and putting the classname into AD.

I modified the accounting classes a lot. i think i cannot solve the problem only adding code. I have a completly different accounting server and posting process for invoices and payments. i'll try and give a feedback. thanks u

2009-09-17 17:58   
i looked at [^] (new postings). A little modification to in the "pi" repository could solve my problem. See the get method: i propose to put the "else block" before the "swich block". In this way, it will be possible to modify each accounting flow and modularize it. i'll post the code (proposed) as soon as possible (i'm cloning pi), if you are ok.

2009-09-22 10:17   
You may also find interesting this project [^]
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[1] [^]