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0010481Openbravo ERPA. Platformpublic2009-09-03 21:012009-09-03 21:01
0010481: Text columns should not have physical limitation
In Openbravo 2.50 and previous text columns are limited in lenght depending on column type (eg. name usually limited to 60, description to 255, etc.).

Modules (templates) can modify this limit but there is a risk of failure in pl/sql code using those columns (if the column is read in a variable limited in size the read might not fit raising an error).

It should be faced in similar way to numbers . Numbers are defined "generic" in the database -without specific size and precision- and later configured to something more specific in Application Dictionary (according to references, currency precision, etc.). If that definition changes in AD there is no risk of failure.

Since oracle database has a limitation of 4000 characters for varchar2 datatype and there is no "generic" definition of varchar2 columns (without specifying the size), all text columns should be defined as VARCHAR2(4000) in the db model. Business logic should operate these columsn without size limitation.
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