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0010183: Separate Reports from Processes in Application Dictionary
Nowadays Reports & Processes are in the same window, which makes its management a bit annoying. It can also lead to errors if setting up a new report and one forgets to tick Report check-box.
1) Go to Application Dictionary || Report and Process || Report & Process
1) Keep current window for processes
2) Rename the window to Process
3) Rename the main tab to Process
3) Hide in this tab Report, Jasper Report and External Service fields.
4) Create a new window called Report
5) Create a new tab called Report
4) Display the same fields as Process.
5) Display Jasper Report field.
6) Hide Report, Procedure, Background fields
7) In this tab Report field value (even if it is hidden) should be Y
8) Create Translation, Role Access and Parameters tabs just like in Process window.
9) Create tabs Report Class and Report Mapping with the same values that Process Class and Process Mapping tabs.
blocks feature request 0009161 new rmorley Reports review - umbrella feature request 
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