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0010052Openbravo ERP02. Master data managementpublic2009-07-24 15:282011-02-04 09:12
0010052: In activated product category not appearing in the report filter options
Inactivated product category not appearing in the Purchase dimensional report under Product group filter option

Particularly in reports, while assigning the values in the filtering options we need to reconsider the over all logic of not displaying the inactivated values, of course the same logic holds good in data creation module and in transactions modules
1) move to product category (Master Data Management || Product Setup || Product Category || Product Category) and create a new product category (name it as PC1) by clicking new, enter all the required details and save it

2) Create a new product(name it as P1) for the above created product category(PC1) by moving to Master Data Management || Product || Product by entering the required details

4) Try to create purchase order for the above created product(P1) by moving to (Procurement Management || Transactions || Purchase Order || Header) and click complete.

3) Move back to Product category tab, and select the above created Product category(PC1) and inactivating the active check box.

when i try to filter the above created PO by moving into the Procurement Management || Analysis Tools || Purchase Dimensional Report || Purchase Dimensional Report, i am not finding the disabled product category in product group drop down combo box....

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