=== Features ===
=== Defects ===
* {{IssueReference|issuenum=40296}}: Responses from OB.RemoteCallManager calls are not handled if the Smartclient timeout is fired
* {{IssueReference|issuenum=40315}}: Create Shipments From Orders is linking invoice lines with shipment lines that have different products if the order is invoiced
* {{IssueReference|issuenum=40323}}: Manage pre-reservation not possible
* {{IssueReference|issuenum=40406}}: log from callouts don't include callout class name
* {{IssueReference|issuenum=40605}}: NPE sending email if timeout not set
* {{IssueReference|issuenum=40606}}: NPE sending email if timeout not set
* {{IssueReference|issuenum=40639}}: Match the business partner by tokens does not work in an import bank statement process
* {{IssueReference|issuenum=40644}}: centralize in XMLUtils creation of objects to deal with XML documents
* {{IssueReference|issuenum=40672}}: Generate Aggregated Data Background process fail
* {{IssueReference|issuenum=40682}}: use bind-parameters in FIN_BankStatementImport
* {{IssueReference|issuenum=40700}}: use bind-parameters in FactLine
* {{IssueReference|issuenum=40703}}: use proper character escape
* {{IssueReference|issuenum=40713}}: HelpWindow.generateWindow is not using bind-variables
* {{IssueReference|issuenum=40743}}: Records can not be exported to CSV
* {{IssueReference|issuenum=40782}}: In Payment Out window, Add Details process, the Business Partner is not showing the records that it should
* {{IssueReference|issuenum=40791}}: User roles requires backend access to login in WebPOS